Intuitive Counselling

These sessions place an emphasis on self-empowerment. I support individuals to cultivate and strengthen their intuition (inner knowing). Taking you further along the journey towards your most authentic expression, allowing you to access you own unique healing capabilities.
These sessions may include the use of oracle cards, art, dream interpretation, meditations, visualisations and breathwork.

Calm Sea

Integrated Counselling & Energy Healing

Combining traditional counselling methodologies with Reiki energy healing, I have developed a signature way of working that takes into account the whole person. My approach supports clients to activate their natural healing processes and works to restore physical, emotional and spiritual wellness.

Healing Stones

Distance Reiki Healing

Reiki is an ancient, gentle and natural energy system, that stimulates the bodies innate healing capacities. When our energy body is imbalanced it can impact mood, health, and general wellness.

Distanced Reiki offers the same benefits as Reiki in-person and can be sent to anyone, anywhere at anytime. 


Intuitive Counselling & Integrated healing programme

In this block of 6 sessions, I offer a programme tailored to your needs that combines counselling methods with ancient traditional wisdom, promoting healing on all levels including the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

I offer takeaway tools for clients to use and practice outside of these sessions as a form of on-going support for their healing journey.